ADATH ISRAEL was born in 1930. Our humble birthplace was a rented hall above a delicatessen on Van Horne Avenue in Outremont. This was our home for ten years. In 1932, Reverend Myer Mandelcorn joined us and served as Hazzan for over thirty years. Also during this time, the first religious classes were organized. In 1936, Joel Sternthal became our President. He served as President and Honorary President until his passing in 1979. Mr. Sternthal's years of leadership brought creativity and dynamism to our synagogue, its school, and community center. In 1939, we began construction of our synagogue building in Outremont, and in 1940 it was dedicated. Also in 1940, Rabbi Charles Bender began his tenure. He served as Rabbi and Rabbi Emeritus until his passing in 1993. Rabbi Bender had previously served as Rabbi of the Spanish and Porugese Congregation. Thus, Rabbi Bender was a rabbi in Montreal for sixty-five years.

In 1941, we became the first synagogue in Canada to sponsor and inaugurate under its own aegis a Jewish Day School. We were also the first in Canada to institute the Ivrit B'Ivrit method of instruction. In 1947, a building for our growing school was dedicated. This was followed in 1951 by the dedication of our new high school building. Mr. Mordecai Mendelsohn, long time principal of our school, was a major factor in our school's excellence. Throughout our history we have taken great pride in our schools and in the generations of students they helped produce. In 2000, we held the first ever Adath school reunion. It was a monumental event for all who attended.

The 1950's were a time of constant growth and activity for our congregation. Sisterhood, Men's Club, Young People's Society, Junior Congregation, PTA, Home and School Association, Bar Mitzvah Alumni, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Chevra Shas, and adult study groups were all vibrant parts of our synagogue family.

In 1981, we dedicated our second synagogue building, in Hampstead. This marked a revival of interest and activity for the congregation. In this era an outstanding leader was Samuel Grostern, who served as our President and Honorary President from 1975 until his passing in 2002. Without Mr. Grostern, our Hampstead venture would not have come to be.

In 1992, Poale Zedek Congregation merged with us. Founded in Mile End in 1910, this group adds a special flavor to our synagogue. The hand-made Aron Kodesh of Poale Zedek now graces our Rabbi Charles Bender Library. It is a wonder to behold!

In 2001, we joined the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (the OU), and we continue to be an active and proud member synagogue.

In 2003, we concluded the merger with Anshei Ozeroff, founded by Jews who arrived from Poland, many of them from the town of Ozeroff. The synagogue started in a house on de Montigny, and most recently was located on Bourret.

In 2008, we established a new corporation to officially and legally reflect the complete name of our merged congregations. We are now named ADATH ISRAEL POALE ZEDEK ANSHEI OZEROFF.

Cantor Benjamin Hass came to us in 1965 upon the retirement of Cantor Eugene Goldberger. Cantor Hass served until 1987. The voice of Cantor Yaakov Motzen delighted us in the years 1987 - 1997, when he served as our Chazzan, followed by Cantor Abraham Sultan, who served until 2007. Chazzan Sheni Nuchim Benjaminson came in 1966 and served until 1998. Chazzan Sheni Ouri Marciano served from 1998 - 2006. Rabbi Michael Kramer joined us in 1969, upon Rabbi Bender's retirement. In August, 2001, Rabbi Kramer became Rabbi Emeritus, after thirty-two years of active and beloved service to ADATH ISRAEL POALE ZEDEK and the wider Montreal Jewish community. Succeeding him, Rabbi Michael Whitman became the third spiritual leader in our congregation's history.

Today, Rabbi Whitman and Assistant Rabbi Alex Zwiebel serve our congregation. Bernie Malinoff is our President. Past Presidents are Leo Samuels, Louis D. Satim, Samuel David Gameroff, Joel Sternthal, David Dubin, Dr. Jack Siminovitch, Louis Glazer QC, Samuel Grostern, Morton J. Pearl, Sol Zuckerman, Leonard Copoloff, Lawrence Bergman, Jack Cooperberg, Edward Rogozinsky, Richard Tozman, David Gandell, Dr. Peter Safran, Steve Bramson, Andrea Elbaz, Andre Zoldan, and Archie Etcovitch. On the Poale Zedek side, a long-time President was Ben Morris. A long-time president of Anshei Ozeroff was Harry Shaffer.

We pride ourselves on our close-knit family environment, on our warmth to all newcomers, and on our innovative programming. Recent events and programs include Bnei Mitzvah Program, Youth Minyan, Shabbat to Share with MADA, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkle, and the Beatles Musical Tribute Concerts, Youth Service, Family Movie Matinees, alternative Shabbat morning formats, Judaism and the Environment Lecture Series, Young Couples/Young Families Shabbaton, Free Fast Fun Alternative High Holiday Service, Cooking for the Soul (a participatory cooking class and Torah learning), Klez-Tic (a musical celebration of cultural distinctiveness and harmony featuring a concert combining Klezmer and Celtic music), Mussar Vaad, annual men's Wilderness Retreat Shabbaton, "Jewish Texts, Jewish Music, Jewish Healing," monthly meetings of JACS (Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependent Persons, and Significant Others), Medical Ethics for Doctors, Bagel Bash, Shabbat Project, and much more.

In 2016, ADATH ISRAEL POALE ZEDEK ANSHEI OZEROFF celebrates Adath's 86th year, Poale Zedek's 106th year, Anshei Ozeroff's 98th year, and our 35th year in Hampstead. We are a vibrant and active modern orthodox synagogue community. We recall our past with pride and we look to the future with confidence and enthusiasm.


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