Music of the ADATH

On October 11, 2015, the ADATH held a Yiddish Concert, performed by Jerry Derkson and accompanied by pianist Benjamin Kwong. Here are three pieces from that concert

Listen to Serenade, written by the Yiddish poet M.Halpern, has borrowed the music composed by F.Schubert, from his love song, Standchen.

Listen to Ergetz Vait, based on the Siberia cycle of poems by H.Leivick,expresses the pain and suffering endured by the poet and other Jewish activists, who were punished by being sent to the Gulag.
The music was also composed by  Lazar Weiner.

Listen to Das Gold fun deine Augen, was written and composed by Lazar Weiner, in which he expresses his deep love for his wife.


Throughout the history of ADATH, our Shul has also been a centre for beautiful and uplifting music. Some of the besk known cantors of our generation served the congregation, names like Binjamin Hess ז"ל, Yaacov Motzen, and others. In recent years, Cantors Avraham Sultan and Josh Orzech expanded the repertoire of ADATH to include contemporary and modern melodies, which encouraged the congregation to join in with the singing.